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Welcome to www.zoompast.com a new website that helps you organise, visualise and share family trees. By accessing or using the ZoomPast website you agree to be bound by the following terms and conditions:

ZoomPast version: 1.0

Terms and conditions last updated: June 2015

1.) The default privacy setting for any tree you upload is private - visible only to you.

2.) It is your decision if you wish to change the privacy options to share your data with friends and family or make it public. You can un-share or delete your tree if you wish.

3.) We will not share your data or e-mail with any third party unless you agree by changing your privacy settings.

4.) You can stop receiving e-mails from us at any time by flicking a switch on your profile.

5.) ZoomPast uses cookies to save your user preferences and to recall if you have seen and dismissed messages that appear to new users. By using the site you agree to our use of cookies in this way.

6.)We offer ZoomPast™ version 1.0 for your use free of charge on an “as is basis”. We provide no warranty and accept no liability for damages.

7.)You are responsible for your own use of ZoomPast and any content you upload or share.

8.) You agree not to use obscene or offensive images or language in your genealogies or elsewhere on the ZoomPast website.

9.) It is your responsibility to check that you have all the rights necessary to use any images or other material that you upload to the ZoomPast website.

10.) You grant us permission to store, access and host the information you upload to ZoomPast for the purpose of providing you with the best possible visualisation of your data under the terms of privacy covered in 1.) and 2.)

11.) You agree not to use the ZoomPast website for any purposes other than the intended purpose of constructing and sharing family trees.

12.) We cannot be held responsible for the conduct of other users of the ZoomPast website or for any content they may choose to upload and share.

13.) You agree not to use ZoomPast to aid with the design of another related software product, whether free or commercial.

14.) All the ZoomPast website software, code, text and graphics are protected by copyright and permission is not granted to download or reuse any of this content.

15.) We may make changes to these terms of use at any time, updates to the terms of use will be available for viewing on the ZoomPast website.

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